Saturday, May 16, 2009

Web Design2 Analysis

Client website
a.e.i.o.u studio
1. The overall color mode is too simple, only red
2. some weird flash on top of the content
3. The design does not match the product they sell
4. The images are not consistency, abit messy
5. The product page is too messy

Competitor websites
1. not much design and abit boring
2. abit boxy
3. the logo is too small and not outstanding
Aussie Handmade Gift
1. The background image is quite disturbing
2. The overall color is too boring and not interesting
3. The logo title is hard too read
4. The imges are not organize well UK Handmade
1. The design is simple but quite nice
2. The content pages are organize well
3. the contents are very clear and user friendly
The Wrapping Paper Co.
1. The overall color and design are quite nice
2. The navigators are organize well
3. The product pages are very clear and user friendly

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