Sunday, July 13, 2008

Final outcome~~~

loading page~~~

main page~~~(add-on a hammer look mouse pointer)

introduction page~~~(also add-on pointer)

activities page~~~

story page~~~

choose the path~~



Friday, July 11, 2008

second part~~~

here's my 5 main characters, from monster to grandma...
And I like the red oni(with yellow pants one) most ^^
after finish trace him, I found out tat he look like the Flash in DC heroes...hoho
got any comments about them?

introduction page~~~

activities page~~~

and story page(havent finish yet) ~~~

any any any suggestion???
user test for interface design (main page & loading page)

Here's the different screens in one page, has the rollover effect inside which u can point ur mouse on it and it will show u the links selection (blue flag with white word). And when u point on some object, it will show u the description of other pages (4th picture)

anyway...... how about the overall? Do u like it?
How about the logo and title on the top?
Anything to suggest?? Or u want to critic also can
Help me to improve, thankssss

loading page~~~~

Which one better? 1st one with the "loading" word or 2nd don't have one...
Is this simple to u?
How about the design?
Any suggestion??

Other pages will be update later...coz haven finish yet......