Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project Concept Proposal

Project Definition

This is a project of redesign a commercial website which was given by lecturer randomly. And my redesign website is a.e.i.o.u Studio. It is a studio that selling the handmade products such as handmade cards, soft toys, gift products and others. This studio is a local company which their studio is locate in Kuala Lumpur. All we need to do is learn the basic concept of the website and redesign it with new idea and concept to enhance the website. I need to create at least 8 html pages and I only have 8 weeks to finish this project.

Current Site's Analysis Goals

The purpose of this website is to provide user information about the their studio and their products.
They also provide some ways to contact them which include telephone number, email address and location of their studio. The website provide the product categories so that costumers can look for the products they want to purchase. The website also show the preview of each product so that customers can get the information of the products. The studio also promote their products to international market.

One of the problem of this website is some of the flash display on the content are kind of weird.
Some flash even don't related to the content. Another problem is they didn't show clearly what they are selling. For user who enter to the website for 1st time would not know what did this website is all about. The design also not much related to the selling products. Overall design is quite boring and simple because they not much use the visual on their website. And the biggest problem for customers is the size of the text is too small and abit hard to read.

Client's Analysis

a.e.i.o.u Studio started since 1996. They have flourished with more than 10 years of experience in stationery and gift products for both local and international markets. Their product range carries a myriad of handmade cards designed for all occasions. They even have cards tailored to fit their customer's specific theme or event.
Their diverse approach caters to an extensive number of major outlets including bookstores, departmental stores, gift shops and pharmacies of large chains and sole-proprietors. a.e.i.o.u Studio has distributed Their products to more than 500 retailers nationwide. Their utopia is - to define your every need and sprout them into an "art expression" with our expertise to create a compelling message.

Short & Long-term Site Goals

For the short term they should increase their image and promotional
so that they can attract costumers to get attention on their products. They should always promote their products at some public places such as shopping mall and gallery. They also can co-operate with their clients to promote this kind of events so that many people will get attention. Although they have promote their studio to other countries, they should pay more attention in local market 1st.

For the long-term they should always update their website with news or events. The website has already not yet updated since 2006. They should use the advertisement to get attention by costumers again. And they should always held exhibition in different places so that people will recognize their studio.

Target Audience

Their products are quite a big range for costumers because they sell many kinds of products, but I think for those people who like to decorate their living place or interest in handmade craft would purchase their products. Most of the costumers could be females and kids because most of the products are cute and lovely.

Competitor's Analysis

Primary Competitor: UK Handmade

UK Handmade is a design led online magazine committed to showcasing and promoting the best creative talent the UK has to offer. Artists and designers from across all of the art disciplines have a place here including photography, feltmaking, jewellery, fashion and art. They also cover all aspects of running a business and working in the arts industry so each edition is kept varied and interesting.

They attract a large global readership through the network of crafters our team associate with on a daily basis fthrough various selling sites and forums which provides an opportunity for your website to reach an international audience.


Secondary Competitor : The Wrapping Paper Co.

The Wrapping Paper Co. (Wrapco) is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of wrapping paper and wrapping accessories for complimentary gift wrapping. Wrapco is committed to keeping design and manufacturing jobs in Australia and is the largest manufacturer of complimentary gift wrap products in Australia.

Wrapco is focused solely on the design and manufacture of complimentary gift wrapping paper and gift wrapping accessories. The business commenced trading in June 1997.


Teritary Competitor : Kitty&Polly and Aussie Handmade Gift

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Please mention also to attract those who loves receiving and giving gift, especially during seasons, Christmas, birthdays, under site's goals.