Thursday, January 15, 2009

Web Design~~

First, my idea about this project is "How to make a handmade card"

There are many kinds of greeting card that we can see outside,

although many of them are colourful and attractive, but they are quite normal and universal.
If we can make a handmade cards, I think it is unique and interesting because it will be the only one,
and there will no other same piece of artwork.
So I want to make a website that can teach people how to make a handmade card ownself, it will be more earnestly and sincerely. No matter the outcome is nice or not, at least
it is a sincerity artwork to sent to other people.

Nice websites~~

Nice Tutorial Website~~


Paper Craft

Soft Toy

Handmade Card


cRankinG lamEMO said...

walao eh...你是我喜歡的tts嗎?你。。。我。。。完全不相信是你寫的。。。

tts0413 said...

walao eh... u oso got blogspot ah..
y didnt tell me in the one is not fake de(transfer in chinese)

cRankinG lamEMO said...

u ma dun tell me de..walao eh..n hide all the mui mui...haiz..