Monday, October 27, 2008

design method interface~

2 different background of main page
which one better??

3 inner pages ( gallery, about and, blog )


goooooood girl said...

So good......

YM said...

I think de blue colour background better den gray.

lifetogothrough said...

i like where you put "Pro MAN!"

background? of the the coloured gradient.

the photo one, you should try make the bottom photos dimmed down or got the upper photo's shadow dropped on it.
NOTE : Shadow - to shows layers.

overall, NICE... TS, good luck on Presentation. listen to the others' comments, take it as references for ur future works.


cRankinG lamEMO said...

o..i just realised this is not blog blog, this is ur presentation blog...ok, felt damn embarrassed as other viewers are professional artists while noob like me will just amazed with ur every artwork..hehe..paisey lar