Sunday, June 1, 2008

colour palettessssssssss

Some kind of warm and soft colour there,
the hue in this image are very close to each other,
not too much contrast colours.

The palette feel like in home, warm, soft, comfort...
That's what we feel when we go back to our
home after work...

It's more to darker colours, but somewhere we
can see a yellow colour appear in the middle,
it's seems like rebirth and survive from the ground...

The yellow colour make it uniqe and become the main colour in this colour pallete.

The colours are strongly express the image,
green represent tree, brown represent ground, blue represent sky and sea...

The colours make me feel like on the vacation,
a nice day to enjoy the holiday...

Same as the 2nd image up there, the blue colour
make it more unique in this image.

The blue colour shuttle in dark colours,
very modern and unique, feel like a gorgeous
colour in the low profile image.

A contrast of colour palette, because it's only
have black, white and grey colours. This kind
of colour always the favourite of many people,
so many clothing like to use it as the design.

Because it can give us the elegant temperament.

All I can feel in this colour palette is COOL~~~
And also the feeling of cold and calm too

Like The whole world is quite and peaceful...

(p.s.) my favourite one~~~

Can see the warmness and happiness in this palette.

Feels like lying under the sunshine,
everything is full of vitality and happiness...

Feels very moody but somewhere got a warm feeling, maybe we can call it "hope"

The orange colour represent the "hope"
just like the sunset and sunrise,
it give us new hope when a new day begin...

The palette feels like the colour set of skin colour,
but there's a green colour in the palette,
we can say that the palette is a portrait
of the girl,
because the green represent the eyes.

A very creepy and coldy feeling,
the palette mainly filled with the dark green.

It also give us ghastly and scary feeling.
If there's a signboard with this kind of colour on
the road, I think many people wouldn't
continue walk through...
Unless u love green...

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